A ‘hot printing’ homage to H.N. Werkman

Whilst continuing to work on the Wharfedale, and covered in a great deal of grease, I recalled a print that I made to commemorate my acquisition of this fine press in May 2004. It was created using the technique of ‘hot printing’ developed by the Dutch artist, typographer, printer and hero of mine; H.N. Werkman.

It was printed on my manual Farley proofing press, directly from an assortment of wooden letters, ornaments and printers’ rules, in an edition of 45 (of which I only have one copy left) onto Zerkall cotton paper. Creating this print was a great deal of fun and required creative use of spacing material and every single angle quad space that I could lay my hands on!

A ‘hot printing’ homage to H.N. Werkman

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  1. Plan B
    Posted October 28, 2008 at 4:08 am | Permalink

    nice project :-)

    Plan B

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