Stern metal type from the Rimmer Type Foundry


Stern booklet (image courtesy of P22 Type Foundry)

Following the release last July of the typeface Stern, designed by Jim Rimmer, a great deal of willpower had to be summonsed to prevent me from placing an order for the metal version of the typeface. Unfairly placed just above an image of a shimmering newly cast fount of Stern, the ‘Order’ button on The Rimmer Type Foundry microsite seems as irresistable now as when I first hovered over it!

Apparently, the simultaneous release of Stern in both digital and cast metal versions was a first and it is encouraging that the first ‘Subscription Casting’ sold out quickly and there is now a wait of at least two months of new orders. Perhaps I should give in to temptation and click on that little, harmless, ‘Order’ button… It would be a pity to not be able to add Stern to my collection of letterpress type!

The metal version of the typeface is cast to order by Jim Rimmer, in foundry metal. It is cast only in 16pt on an 18pt body and further information can be obtained from The Rimmer Type Foundry along with details of the digital version, Stern Pro. It is heartening to see such herioc typecasting endeavours paying off and the making of the typeface is also to be made into a documentary, due for release this Spring.

Stern cast in 16pt on 18pt body (image courtesy of P22 Type Foundry)

Stern cast in 16pt on 18pt body (image courtesy of P22 Type Foundry)

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