Letterpress work from JMG on Le Cool

I was delighted this morning to happen upon a wonderfully creative piece of letterpress work, by Ross Shaw and Jon Kielty of JMG, on the cover of the current edition of Le Cool.

Letterpress cover  by JMG, for the Winter (96) edition of Le Cool

Letterpress cover by JMG, for the Winter (96) edition of Le Cool

Jon Kielty and Ross Shaw, aka JMG

Jon Kielty and Ross Shaw, aka JMG.

Ross, Jon and myself collaborate under the guise of The Occasional Print Club, along with Pat Randle, producing experimental letterpress work in addition to maintaining our own solo and joint projects.

Le Cool magazine is a free, weekly magazine presenting a selection of concerts, djs, exhibitions, odd movies and other cultural events and happenings. It is intriguing that a magazine that will only ever exist in digital form should feature a cover created entirely by hand using the ancient craft of letterpress, although this is further evidence of renewed interest in the process.

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  1. Mitchel Neate
    Posted August 31, 2011 at 5:55 pm | Permalink

    Hi gang,

    Bloody wonderful stuff! Could you pass on my warmth and affection to Mr. Kielty who, I must call personally just to let him know I’m still breathing. It’s this fine fellow who inspired myself to be a keen follower of letterpress typography. I now own some fine examples by the likes of Stan Greer, Tilleys of Ledbury and of course JMG. I would like to expand my collection so, please let me know of any old or new work for purchase or purloin. With luck this may again put me on the JMG Christmas card list! It’s been too long Jon! Again, keep up the fine work and hopefully catch up with you lot at ‘Tension’. Stay ace kids.

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