‘What Face Wednesday’ No.4

Welcome to the fourth ‘What Face Wednesday’ metal typeface identification competition! This week’s prize is a choice of any two hand-printed letterpress greeting cards (including free International p&p) from the selection on my Typoretum website.

As before, answers must be posted on this Blog (as a comment) and the first correct identification of the typeface will be the winner. Sorry, but I will not be able to accept answers submitted via Twitter or email. Good luck!

Congratulations to the winner of this week’s competition, Alan Brignull of The Hedgehog Press, who correctly identified the typeface as Johnsonian (or Johnsonian Series). This typeface was introduced in 1891 by H. W. Caslon & Co Ltd and is shown in my Caslon specimen book dated 1919.


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  1. Alan
    Posted May 13, 2009 at 1:08 pm | Permalink

    Johnsonian, 1891 — but I must admit that I had to refer to Nicolete Gray’s book “Nineteenth Century Ornamented Typefaces”

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