Hand typecasting at the Atelier Press & Letterfoundry

The Atelier Press came into being in 1970 as the private press of Stan Nelson. Stan has been interested in printing since the age of nine, and formerly operated as the Nelson Job Shop and later as Norse Custom Printing. After becoming aware of the world of Fine Printing, Stan chose to name his press using the French word for the workshop of an artist or craftsman.

At the Atelier Press & Letterfoundry, Stan casts printers’ type using methods first developed in the 15th century. In this series of five short films, filmed by  Out of Sorts Film, Stan demonstrates the preparation of matrices, assembling of a hand mould, casting type and ‘dressing’ the cast letters.

Punchcutting at the Atelier Press & Typefoundry

Tempering punches & striking matrices

Assembling a French style mould

Casting type in a hand mould

‘Dressing’ the hand cast type

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  1. Walter
    Posted November 12, 2013 at 12:38 am | Permalink

    Really an amazing process, thanks for sharing.

    I see various portions are understandably edited for time – how long does the process take in total?

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