Monthly Archives: March 2009

Letterpress work from JMG on Le Cool

I was delighted this morning to happen upon a wonderfully creative piece of letterpress work, by Ross Shaw and Jon Kielty of JMG, on the cover of the current edition of Le Cool. Ross, Jon and myself collaborate under the guise of The Occasional Print Club, along with Pat Randle, producing experimental letterpress work in […]

Stern metal type from the Rimmer Type Foundry

Following the release last July of the typeface Stern, designed by Jim Rimmer, a great deal of willpower had to be summonsed to prevent me from placing an order for the metal version of the typeface. Unfairly placed just above an image of a shimmering newly cast fount of Stern, the ‘Order’ button on The […]

…But I love Typography!

This letterpress printed postcard was sent to me, some years ago, by Masao Takaoka; proprietor of The Kazui Press in Tokyo. It is one of my favourite pieces of letterpress ephemera, that I have in my collection. I received it along with an enormous bundle of beautifully printed samples from The Kazui Press and a […]