Moving a Victorian cylinder printing press

Whilst work continues to get my 1888 Wharfedale stop cylinder press restored and back into working order, I have put together this whimsical movie of the day we relocated it to our workshop. I was grateful for the expert assistance of C.J. Overy Transport and the generous help of a willing band of friends and letterpress enthusiasts!

More information about this fine printing press and the ongoing project to restore it can be found here.

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  1. […] Walking into the studio is like stepping back eighty years or so, and everywhere your eye settles in the cramped space there is something interesting to look at. Four presses are lined up down the centre of the space and the walls are lined with drawer upon drawer of metal and wood type, ready to be set into greetings cards, posters, stationary projects or anything else at all. Somehow it’s no surprise to learn that this is only a fraction of Justin’s collection, and there is plenty more a few miles away, both typefaces and presses, including a giant 1888 Wharfedale Cylinder Press he is painstakingly restoring – read about it on the Typoretum blog. […]

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